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Our office practice fixed fees (standard), schedules, success or combined, according to the lawyer’s profession statute.

In order to form a correct view, we reproduce the text regulating legal fees:

Extract from the lawyer’s profession statute.

  • Article 132. - (1) To work to professional lawyer is entitled to the fee and cover all expenditures made in the interests of client. (2) fees will be determined in relation to the difficulty, the extent or duration of the case.
    (3) Establishment of attorney fees depends on each of the following elements:
    a) time and volume of work required for the execution of the mandate received or activity requested by the client;
    b) the nature, novelty and difficulty of the case;
    c) the important interests involved;
    d) the fact that accepting the mandate given to the customer is prevented lawyer to accept another term, from another person if the event can be found by the customer without additional investigations;
    e) popularity, titles, length of employment, experience, reputation and specialization lawyer;
    f) cooperation with experts or other professionals imposed by the nature of the subject, complexity and difficulty of the case;
    g) benefits and profit results for the client, as a result of work by a lawyer;
    h) financial situation of the client;
    i) constraints of time in which the lawyer is obliged circumstances cause to act to provide legal performance.
    Article 133. - (1) The fees are determined freely between lawyer and client, within the limits of the law and the status of the profession. It is forbidden to fix the fees minimum or maximum recommended by the profession, the forms of exercising the profession of lawyer or the lawyers.
    (2) fees and is determined to provide the legal assistance at the time of conclusion between lawyer and client, before the start of assistance and / or client representation.
    (3) If the circumstances require concrete assistance and / or immediate representation and may not be concluded a legal contract, the lawyer is obliged to transmit the customer as soon as possible, communication, which bring in Meet client fees which they propose for assistance and / or representation. In the absence of explicit instructions on cessation of customer care and / or representation, or a client communications through its express express disagreement about fees, is considered the fees proposed by the Commission by the lawyer as being accepted.
    (4) In all cases, the fees will be stipulated in the contract for legal assistance to be concluded in written form.
    (5) fees may be determined in foreign currency, under the condition that payment to comply with the legal regime of payments.
    Article 134 - (1) fees may be determined as follows:
    a) hourly fees b) Fixed fees (standard);
    c) for success.
    d) fees consist of a combination of criteria in point. a), b) and c).
    (2) The fee schedule is set per hour of work, and a fixed amount of money due lawyer units for each hour of professional services that provide a client.
    (3) fixed fee (flat rate) is a fixed amount due for a lawyer or professional service for such categories of professional services that we provide or, where appropriate, providing the customer.
    (4) and fixed fee schedule (flat rate) is due to the lawyer regardless of the result obtained through the provision of professional services.
    (5) The Ombudsman may receive from a client's periodicals, including in the form of flat-rate.
    (6) The lawyer has the right to set fee in addition to demand and achieve a success fee, as a complement, depending on the result or the service provided. In criminal cases, the success fee can not be practiced only in connection with the civil side of the case. Success fee is a fixed or variable amount determined to achieve by the lawyer of a certain result. Success fee can be agreed with the fee schedule or fixed.
    Article 135. - (1) The lawyer and to set fees based on a pact of quota litis. "
    (2) Covenant of quota litis is an understanding between lawyer and client or before solving a definite cause, understanding that only fixes all attorneys fees, depending on the outcome of judicial review of the case, whether these consist in an amount of money, a good or any other value.
    (3) fees of the acquisition, in any form, of "consideration of business" (legal work done by lawyers) are prohibited.

By way of example, our fees are fixed as follows:

  • Assistance and advice:
    For a legal assistance, concluded for a longer term, we will sign a legal wider that provide the types of activities and related fees, fixed, schedules, combined.
    For assistance and advice on one or more operations that have a close connection apply a fixed fee.
    For more distinct operations apply fixed fee per operation.
  • For representation in courts apply fixed fees, per process, and in some cases combined with the success fee, consisting of a fixed amount, set out in the assistance contract.
  • Create, acts, letters, contracts, memoranda, aplications of the proceedings in court. Applies to fixed fees for each act separately.

Applies to fixed fees for each act separately.

The fees can be payed cash, or bank transfer, depending on the customer's option.

Deadlines for payment will be analyzed for each case.

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