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Real Estate Business

Business Contracts

Company formations

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Fields of activity

The Law Office is specialized in business consulting, the holder is a lawyer with the right to make conclusions on all courts.

For example, our expertise includes:

  • consulting on real estate investments (legal consulting regarding foreign citizens, assistance and consulting for developers starting from the company formation, granting legal opinions on the profitability of investment, assistance in negotiating contracts, preparation and verification of documentations, representation, organizing and managing shareholder meetings, developing strategies, closing and post-closing activities)
  • consultancy on investment in marketing and advertising (experience in the development and promotion of two innovative systems for advertising market in Romania for an Austrian company)
  • consulting on the development and business promotions( in the field of production, textile garments, industrial production)
  • advice and assistance companies in the retail trade and wholesale (all types of assistance and advice, including litigation and dispute resolution)
  • company formation and general corporate services (experience in formation of many companies, a lot of them costituted from foreign citizens)
  • representation in court ( civil commercial and administrative litigations)
  • assistance and representation in front of the state (Municipality, Financial Administration, Financial Guard, Parliament, Prefectures, Customs, Trade Register, OSIM, SANEPID, ministries, government agencies and non-governmental organizations, professional associations, etc.)
  • assistance and representation in front of other individuals and legal entities (with a chance of solving disputes, signing business contracts, negotiation, resolving various issues of legal and commercial related business customer)
  • participation as a consultant to the Companies General Assembly;
  • editing business contracts (any type of documents including contracts, letters, notices, memorandum, draft business analysis and research specialist)
  • solving disputes through amicable completed transactions
  • notary assistance
  • other operations that occur in commercial activity

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